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CW watch service cost and what is involved

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There have been some recent discussions on the CW forum and social media about the cost of servicing a watch and what is involved in a service. It appears many are quoted different prices so I figured may as well get this cleared up. As I couldn't find any information on the CW website, I sent an email requesting more information on Friday and received a response from CS on Sunday.


Servicing is around £100-£200 per watch, each watch is inspected and priced differently depending on the movement and model of the watch, service will include a new battery in the quartz. You can find the servicing details on the about us page and go to servicing gives you a run down of everything involved.

I was curious about the cost for their most popular model C60 automatic with ETA/Sellita movement and received this response:


The servicing cost for that particular C60 model would be £150.00 (pounds).

I never knew this page about servicing was available so sharing it here in case you're curious. Even servicing a quartz watch involves more than just replacing the battery. 


It would be great when they would have a price list for servicing of watches based on the movement (i.e. quartz, ETA/Selitta, SH21, chrono/regular and so on) like Omega has on their website.

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