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New arrival - C60 Titanium Var2

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Thanks Dean!

I recently received the titanium bracelet and it's amazing how light it feels. Only 138g for watch and bracelet together. Have to take some pictures because it really looks nice together.

This will actually be a good outdoors watch for its low weight and tool watch looks.


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Looks amazing Frank! And perfect with that logo at 12! I think it’s in the top two or three of all CW watches! I’m on the lookout!!

Photo taken earlier today: Currently my one and only CW watch! Again CW at their best and again with that much nicer logo at 12!!

How are you finding your C60 mk3? How does it compare to this beauty?


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The C60 Mk3 is really nice and 40mm is great. The lower weight compared to my steel C60 Mk2 is nice as well, even though the size and weight doesn't bother me. I'll want to do a comparison review between the Mk2 and Mk3 but both have their own unique qualities.


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