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Chris Ward left the business - no longer be involved on an ongoing basis

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Announcement from Mike France / Christopher Ward Holdings:

As the Christopher Ward brand moves forward into the new decade with more optimism than ever, it’s tinged with more than a little sadness that it will be without Chris himself.

For, after nearly 16 years, Chris has now left the business and will no longer be involved on an ongoing basis.

Of course, as a co-founder and the man whose name adorns the dial, he will always be part of the history of the brand but as many people inside CW know, his involvement with the business has declined significantly in recent years and it seemed right for everyone, including Chris, that this was the moment to formally step aside.

Peter and I will miss seeing him on a daily basis although we certainly won’t miss the smug look on his face as his beloved Liverpool Football Club chalk up yet another win on their way to the title. We’re hoping to be together at the Everton v Liverpool derby game in March when I am confident the blues will take the three points!

So, we thank Chris for the last 16 years, the ups, the downs, the football banter and the laughs (mainly the laughs!) and we wish him every future success in whatever he chooses to do next as well as reminding him to not become a stranger to his many friends at CW.

Mike France

CEO & co-founder

From left to right: Chris Ward, Peter Ellis and Mike France


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