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Design suggestions for CW watches

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These are some design suggestions for Christopher Ward watches that have been posted on the forums over the years. Many of them disappeared because of the Photobucket issue so I figured I may as well compile the most interesting ones here.

This is a new watch from CW. Many don't like the logo placement so I tried a few different designs.



Without wordmark and 3, 6, 9 and 12 numerals


With previous logo/wordmark at 12, twin flags motif removed


With new wordmark at 12, twin flags motif removed


White dial


Fixed bezel version, maybe in 39-40mm?


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This is a watch that does not exist. it is based on the C65 Trident dress watch. Besides the C60 dive watch, there aren't any other sport watches in their line-up. My thought is there would be demand for a watch with the following specs and designs.

  • 39 - 41mm case diameter
  • 11mm height
  • 20mm lugs
  • 80g weight of watch head
  • anti-magnetic and anti-shock
  • hardened case
  • basic but attractive tool watch design
  • wordmark at 12
  • case design and hands same as the C65 but smaller
  • vibrant red or green accents
  • similar price as the C60 Trident, both quartz and Sellita SW200

Let's call it the Adventurer, an alternative to the Explorer, Aqua Terra, Damasko and other watches. Definitely more tool than dress.

Date at 6, green accents, stick indices


No date, 4 numerals


Slightly different numerals, red accents at the 5-minute markers


Black bezel


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There have been many comments about the mixed use GMT/divers count-down bezel on the C60 GMT. How about a real bi-directional 24-hour bezel?

Regular C60 hands


With traditional C65 hands


With original hands and date at 6



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And there were many interpretations of the C60 and versions we would like to see. 

Matte black dial and bezel in a all brushed stainless steel case. Orange accents and logo in the right spot and Trident Pro return to the dial.


Or perhaps a glossy bezel and glossy dial with C65 hands? 


No wait, let's put the date at 6. Who doesn't like a symmetrical design?


How about a no-date 40.5mm with 20mm lugs and cool blue accents?



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Colors? Yes please, especially on a dive watch.

This was created in the summer of 2017, inspired by the Bahama Yellow Seaforth. The yellow C60 is now available but a black bezel would look very nice.


Shortly after the orange C60 SS bezel was released, I figured it would also look great or even better with a black bezel. That one actually came out a few months later. Too bad they still put the logo at 9...


This was my entry for the CW forum Limited Edition for 2017. Unfortunately it only made second place. At least a blue C60 in pretty much the same shade of blue is now available. Would have been cool to have a C60 with the logo at 12 and date at 6. No minute markers on the bezel from 0-15 for a cleaner look The forum preferred a quartz dress watch instead..


Yellow, orange, blue are all great. How about a C60 Trident Aqua? Perfect for an endless summer.


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Some more colors for the C60.

Teal, somewhere in between blue and aqua.


C60 Trident Pepsi



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The twinflag and the wordmark on the dial makes it a bit too busy in my opinion. Moving the wordmark to 12, the date to 6, same lengths for all 5-minute markers and adding back Trident Pro to the dial would make the perfect C60 Trident for me.


A no-date version would create an even cleaner dial.



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These are some of the designs submitted for the Limited Edition of the CW Enthusiasts group.

Green Trident with black bezel.


Black dial with blue bezel, date at 6.


White - Blue - Red, the colors of the UK flag.


A slightly different version with an extra British touch.



Flat black dial with color mathced date wheel from the titanium, SS bezel and brushed case.


C60 Bronze with green dial



The Pride of Britain version.


Yeah, just kidding with this version but it sure would make a strong statement. :)

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A few designs of the C65 were also submitted. Numerals at 3 and 9 were added but it appears they won't be able to do that. The white version is an interesting one but they already may be working on that version in their main lineup. Hopefully they will have that available soon.

Blue with black bezel


Vintage green with black bezel.


White dial. A vintage cream dial would be very nice as well.



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I have always liked your designs, Frank and I admire your ability to work in PS so creatively and seamlessly. Your design work looks flawless. As I have said before, I wish CW would have used your ideas ( Adventurer with 3,6,9,12 Roman numerals ) for the C65.


Cheers, Mike.

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Thanks guys. It's fun to play around with the designs. Unfortunately they will just remain wishful thinking as we don't have any influence on their design process.

Welcome to Horology.World! 👍


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If you don't want to pay more than full price and wait 8 months for the FB LE , you could buy a blue/blue and a white/black C60, swap out the bezels and sell the blue/black one.. 

FB LE on strap: £720 (US$ 800 excl VAT)

2 x £560 (after voucher code) = £1120 (US$ 1250 excl VAT)

Even if you want to pay the same price as the FB LE for this modified white/black (that's all that CW does anyways), you only have to sell the blue/black for £440 / US$450 and you probably can sell it for more. Similar color scheme as the blue/black Aquis.

You wouldn't have the red seconds hand and twin flags but that's only a plus for me. The red hand makes it look a bit cheap and the blue/white looks better with a polished seconds hand, in my sincerest opinion. And you don't have to wait for 8 months.


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C65 GMT diver with smaller GMT hand, muted orange and vintage CW logo in the right spot.


C65 GMT Modern


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Combining the best of the C60 and C65 in Bahama Yellow.


Vintage C65 with vintage word mark



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The new C60 due in May of this year is most likely going to have a pointy arrow hour hand and baton-shaped minute hand. I was looking at the current handset and understand the water drop hour hand is not for everyone.

The minute hand looks great though and is a distinctive design feature. How about replace the water drop hand with a similar sword hand? And of course switch the position of the word mark with the twin flags and put TRIDENT PRO back on the dial.


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Sorry, couldn't help myself.. I just really don't like the brand name and the word mark position. Also missing the TRIDENT PRO line on the dial.



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