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  1. Oceanus is only sold in Japan as far as I know so I assume it will have to be sent to a service center in Japan. But these are reliable quartz watches so a need for repair seems unlikely. The dial on this model is dark blue. I haven't heard about IPPO before so no experience with them. I ordered a different watch from SeiyaJapan before and that was a great experience. I think they have this T200S as well.
  2. It was 5 minutes so I think it may have been some kind of sync error instead of the movement being actually slow like that.
  3. Valid until December 24th, 2020 UK - 100LOUPE19, £100 off purchases of £500 or more US - 125LOUPE19, $125 off purchases of $625 or more EU - 120LOUPE19, €120 off purchases of €600 or more AU - 170LOUPE19, AUD170 off purchases of AUD850 or more CA - 170LOUPE19, CAD170 off purchases of CAD850 or more CH - 125LOUPE19, SFr125 off purchases of SFr625 or more SG - 180LOUPE19, SGD180 off purchases of SGD900 or more HK - 1000LOUPE19, HKD1000 off purchases of HKD5000 or more
  4. Still enjoying it very much, the perfect GADA watch!
  5. I noticed my T200 was about 5 minutes slow and hadn't connected to update for 20 days. It also wouldn't update manually. I removed the watch from the app and it wouldn't connect when I tried to add it again. I found this fix on the Apple store for this app and worked for me. After doing this, the watch paired with my phone right away and time is synched again.
  6. Summer, beach, sun, watch, beer. Life's good.
  7. Hi Oliver, I would look at the overall width of your wrist instead of just the top of the wrist. As you can see in a picture in a previous comment, the bracelet goes straight down at 49mm so it won't extend beyond the width of your wrist. I think this watch should be ok for you but there is only one way to find out. Good luck!
  8. Also available now in an all black version: OCW-T200SB-1AJF https://products.oceanus.casio.jp/_detail/OCW-T200SB-1A/
  9. After 3.5 weeks with occasional wear under neutral lighting. Occasional swim in fresh water lakes. The strap buckle also gets the same patina as the watch.
  10. A few weeks ago, I gave my take from a week on the wrist with the Yema Superman GMT. The experience of seeing how much quality, features, brand history and fun you can get from a watch in-and-around the £1,000 price point was refreshing, especially in an enthusiast community that often seems engulfed by £5k+ offerings from high-end luxury manufacturers. This week I’m continuing on that journey with the review of the Christopher Ward C65 Sandhurst. Read more: https://barkandjack.com/2020/08/12/a-week-on-the-wrist-the-christopher-ward-c65-sandhurst/
  11. The next day still new and clean. Patina slowly starts to develop after 2 1/2 weeks.
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