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  1. Still enjoying it very much, the perfect GADA watch!
  2. I noticed my T200 was about 5 minutes slow and hadn't connected to update for 20 days. It also wouldn't update manually. I removed the watch from the app and it wouldn't connect when I tried to add it again. I found this fix on the Apple store for this app and worked for me. After doing this, the watch paired with my phone right away and time is synched again.
  3. Summer, beach, sun, watch, beer. Life's good.
  4. Hi Oliver, I would look at the overall width of your wrist instead of just the top of the wrist. As you can see in a picture in a previous comment, the bracelet goes straight down at 49mm so it won't extend beyond the width of your wrist. I think this watch should be ok for you but there is only one way to find out. Good luck!
  5. Also available now in an all black version: OCW-T200SB-1AJF https://products.oceanus.casio.jp/_detail/OCW-T200SB-1A/
  6. After 3.5 weeks with occasional wear under neutral lighting. Occasional swim in fresh water lakes. The strap buckle also gets the same patina as the watch.
  7. A few weeks ago, I gave my take from a week on the wrist with the Yema Superman GMT. The experience of seeing how much quality, features, brand history and fun you can get from a watch in-and-around the £1,000 price point was refreshing, especially in an enthusiast community that often seems engulfed by £5k+ offerings from high-end luxury manufacturers. This week I’m continuing on that journey with the review of the Christopher Ward C65 Sandhurst. Read more: https://barkandjack.com/2020/08/12/a-week-on-the-wrist-the-christopher-ward-c65-sandhurst/
  8. The next day still new and clean. Patina slowly starts to develop after 2 1/2 weeks.
  9. My bronze C60 was purchased new from CW. It arrived with some patina (a bit uneven) already on it and I wanted to start out clean. So it was time for a quick bath and light scrubbing to start out with a shiny clean bronze C60. I used 1 teaspoon of citric acid and 1 teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate as instructed by CW. The patina came off pretty quickly and probably didn't really have to use a toothbrush at all. But it may depend on how much patina there is on the watch. It looks like new again after the bath and I am looking forward to see the patina develop again. Comments on the post in the CW Aficionados group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/CWAficionados/permalink/650581402196570/ The watch as it arrived. Citric acid can be found in the canning section at Walmart and I am sure many other stores as well. Sodium bicarbonate is baking powder and can be found in, you guessed it, the baking aisle. Also available from Amazon and other online stores. Mix the ingredients in a bowl, put the watch on top and add water so the watch is complete submerged. Patina was very light to begin with so I only let it soak for about 8 minutes. I used a new soft toothbrush to finish up and it came out like a brand new watch. Instruction video from CW:
  10. This watch was purchased from an authorized dealer in Japan in 2017. It has been worn occasionally as part of a larger collection of watches. The watch is in very good condition but does show a few signs of wear. There is a very small nick in the bezel at 6 o'clock. The case does not have any nicks or dents but may have a few samll hairline scratches in a few places. The bracelet has some scratches on the clasp and some on the bracelet towards the rear, common while wearing a watch at a desk. All of the minor imperfections described above are only noticeable in close-up pictures and of course will be hardly noticeable while on the wrist. The bracelet is sized for a 7.5" wrist and 2 extra links are included. Pictures shows everything that is included in this sale. This SARW015 model was discontinued a few years ago and become harder to find. I haven't worn this watch for a while now so it is time to find a new owner. Product specification Brand : Seiko Series : Presage Model : SARW015 Condition : Pre-owned Release date : 15 January 2016 Movement : Automatic with manual winding mechanism Caliber No : 6R21 Case Material : Stainless Steel, Case Back : stainless steel and glass Band Material : Stainless Steel Glass Material : Sapphire crystal Glass coating : Anti-reflective coating on inner surface Accuracy : Accuracy: -15 to +25 seconds per day Waterproof : 10 bar water resistance Size : D 48.9mm, W 40.5mm ,T 12.7mm Weight : 158g Other Features : See-through case back ,Screw case back ,Jewels: 29 jewels ,Date hand and day hand ,Power reserve ,Stop second hand function Shipping and payment USPS Priority Mail shipping within the continental USA is included in this sale. I can accept Paypal Friends and Family from a bank account (no charge) or regular Paypal with Buyers Protection (please add 3%). Zelle Pay through many US banks can be done as well without any extra charges. I prefer to ship within the USA but can also ship to Canada (+$35). About me I am a watch enthusiast and enjoy trying out new watches. To keep the collection to a reasonable size, some of the watches have to find new owners who can enjoy them more than I do. Most of my watches get minimal wear and are often in excellent condition. My watches come from a smoke, pet and child-free home and usually spend time in a watch box on my desk. While I unfortunately can not accept regular returns, I guarantee the watch condition will be as described and I will be happy to accept returns if it is not. I can not accept returns if you just don't like the watch, too big/small and other personal reasons. Why would you buy from me if you don't know me? I have been buying and selling on eBay as a private seller since 1999 with 100% feedback. Please check me Seller feedback here: link . To provide proof that my username here and eBay account are the same, I included a note on my eBay profile: https://www.ebay.com/usr/adventure.man
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