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  1. I like those new ones! I'd go for the blue or black/grey as I already have a green one. It's a shame you can only get the green on the steel bracelet! Any idea when they are being released?
  2. I don't think you can go wrong buying the old Alpinist SARB017 at that price or getting one of the new Alpinists - more money but improved! Best wishes on getting this great watch again!
  3. That looks a really nice shade of blue! ⌚👌
  4. Yes it is a difficult time of year for such a project. It might be worth promoting it on boxing day - as it's a massive buying day for a lot of people! Best wishes with it - I'm sure you'll get your other 13 buyers either on Boxing day or early next year once all of the Xmas and Black Friday spending is over!
  5. Best wishes with this great looking watch. I’m unable to buy. But I’ll continue to watch progress with interest.
  6. Not sure where I vote - can I still vote? But I would have gone for the teal (green dial).
  7. Frank, I love where your design is going! Looks fab! But I did like the scratched dial look and the date on it. I honestly think if you put this one to the CW Forum, you’d get 100 people interested in total, with the interest you’ve already got outside the Forum!
  8. That was quick Frank! Hard to pick as all 5 colours look great - but I think the dark grey has the edge! ⌚️👌😍
  9. Wow Frank, those two look great! Perhaps try in each of the following three colours also: grey, black and brown.
  10. Looks amazing Frank! And perfect with that logo at 12! I think it’s in the top two or three of all CW watches! I’m on the lookout!! Photo taken earlier today: Currently my one and only CW watch! Again CW at their best and again with that much nicer logo at 12!! How are you finding your C60 mk3? How does it compare to this beauty?
  11. Hi Frank, All designs look good. My choice would be option 1, non COSC. The one change I would suggest would be the date at 6 to balance the dial. However, I have my Seiko Blue Lagoon Turtle, so don't at this time need another blue diver watch. But will watch with interest on both the Christopher Ward Aficionardos Facebook group that I am also a member of and this CW Club group. Wishing you good luck in getting 25 people so that you can go ahead with the watch. Regards Dean
  12. A real shame about having to send it back because of that misalignment! I’ll see what date my 007 was made when I get back home. Is this system also used for other Seiko’s? I’m currently wearing my Blue Lagoon Turtle ⌚️🐢 which has the following two digits at the start: 71. Therefore, Jan 2017, which I think is about right - again I’ll check the paperwork later! Photo of me wearing my BL Turtle for work today!
  13. They do still look amazing! I’d probably go for the black as it’s more different to my green Alpinist and it comes on a bracelet! But the 089 is more of a cream than a white and also looks fab, with what may be a decent strap! If they were priced at the old Alpinist price I’d be tempted to get both the black and the cream!!
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